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This production line is mainly used in the production of polyethylene mixture with silicone extrusion synthesis of a wall with a permanent solid lubricant(silicon core )composite cable pipe .Machinery easy operation,high degree of automationCan realize high-speed produce .

Silicon core pipe with polyethylene pipe of high intensity, high toughness, corrosion resistance, long life.

Physical and mechanical properties,also have Friction coefficient is small,wire cable fast .cable more length .

Construction cost is low etc advantage .meanwhile ,have different color lines mark .

Is convenient for construction and line detection.

Communication line engineering, are widely used in highway.

Extruder of pipe line: AC speed regulator and high performance BM type screw, spiral co-extrusion die-head.

Vacuum calibrator of HDPE pipe line: vacuum negative pressure calibrating and circulating spraying cooling system made of 24 meter stainless steel.

Haul- off unit of plastic pipe line: equipped with an automatic clamping system, frequency conversion for speed controlling and stable haul-off.

PLC control system of plastic pipe line, realize programmed control of the temperature, extrusion amount,length set, haul-off and automatic printing.

Technical parameter:

Extruder diameter90MM45MM30MM
L/D 30:130:125:1
Installed power120KW
Haul-off speed6-14m/min
Overall dimension(L*W*H)40*3*2.5m

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