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This line is used to produce mechanical or manual bands with 100% PP recycled granules as materials,if raw materials,it will be better. Yhis kind of band is widely used in the packing of kinds of fields such as mines, general merchandise,weaving,electrical equipment,appparatus,architecture,medicine,etc.


In order to improve the production capacity, our company has also developed a production line with in and out of the two, four pack of new technology, which reduces the production area and provincial artificial electricity costs, at the same time exponentially increase the productivity and efficiency for our customers.


This equipment adopts single screw or efficient screw extruder, twin screw extruder with double location hydraulic device to replace the network, can all adopt the bottle recycling materials, and there is no need to adopt new materials, recycling waste plastic and can greatly reduce the production cost, improve market efficiency, the model is the application of energy conservation and environmental protection products! Production process adopts the initial finalize the design heating repeatedly stretched after baking, greatly improving the strip longitudinal tensile force, the production line adopts frequency conversion motor speed regulation, automatic winding; Mechanical drive application soft connection made smooth rotating precision, save electricity and low noise.

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