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The wood plastic extrusion line undergoes special design of screw, barrel and mould, together with different extrusion technical process. The production line can adopt either double stage extrusion or two steps extrusion after Pelletizer. It is energy saving and room saving too with high output capacity. Stable extrusion pressure, pre-heating on top of the extrusion machine and exhaust the water from the chips make good effectiveness of melting and concrete the feeding section completely. Special designed screw makes cutting force small and keep the material in the barrel with even time. The barrel adopts dual metallic material which boasts long life and anti-corrosion.


The production line is composed of conical double screw extruder, mould, vacuum calibration platform, haul-off, and stacker. We could choose corresponding mould to produce the final product on your request.


1. This type of production line is designed for extrusion of wood plastic door's and window’s profiles and cross-section communication cable pipes, and aluminum-plastic composite profiles

2. The extruder is equipped with alternating-current converter and imported temperature controllers

2. The calibration unit's pump and haul-off unit's reducer are the famous brand products

3. After simple changing of the die and crew, it also can become possible to produce foam profiles.


The production line has a wide application to flooring, out door decoration material, package panel and tray. It is suitable for PVC, PE, and PP material. Besides, the ingredient of wood powder can reach 50%-75%.

1. It has stable plastification, high output, low sheering force, long life service and other advantages

2. Wood plastic profiles can be used in the building industry and home or office

3. This type WPC (wood plastic composite) decking board

4. Can be used in outdoor ground, trestle road and garden path, enjoying great superiority in the outdoor decking of courtyard, park, garden community, waterscape, and trestle and plank road

Competitive Advantage:

1) Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch with wood scent
2) Elegant and detailed shape design
3) No cracking, warping and splitting
4) Water-proof and erosion-proof
5) Environmental friendly and no other hazard chemical
6) Safe to use for many years
7) Low maintenance and no painting
8) Carpenter oriented and friendly easy installation
9) Dimension stability against moisture and temperature


Main technical data of WPC extrusion line:
Type of extruderConical twin-screw extruder
Driving motor power37KW55KW110KW
Central height 1000mm1000mm1050mm

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