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This type pelletizing line has special screw design, effective degassing and filter (Hydraulic screen changer) system, with high output and long service life.

Conical screw recovery granulation unit

1. This unit is fit for scrap film and leftover material granulating of Plastic Blow Film Factory.

2. Fit for different old and useless plastic material recovery.

3. Fit for PE, EVA and PVC use less film block, PE, PVC, ABS and PP material confecting and granulating.

4. It is a distinguishing feature that the unit be able to granulate powder material, the granule produced may compare with the fresh resin granule.

5. This unit feature well-developed and tight structure design, low energy consuming and high yield, and is the ideal device of old plastic material recovery.


This line is used to cut and extrude wasted thermoplastics, such as PC, PA, ABS,

PP, PS, PE, PVC, PPR, POM, PBT and also can produce granules of the materials. Different screws can produce different plastics. If matched with different die heads and auxiliary machines. It also can extrude and produce wire, film, tube, plate, sheet and band etc.


Screw diameter mm60/12080/120100/150150/200
Rotation speed r/min50-10050-10050-10080
Power of main motor kW11152237
Power of pellet machine kW0.750.751.11.5
Heat power kW810162.2
Power of fan kW1.51.52.23
Yield kg/h40-6060-8080-120150-200
Weight kg1600200026003500

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