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1. Barrel of plastic pellets granulating production line

Euro-style rectangle barrel make the temperature in C areas smaller.

2. Heater of plastic pellets granulating production line

Innovated design of heater tightened style insures high efficiency of heat transfer and high longevity of heater.

3. Cylinder of plastic pellets granulating production line

The material of cylinder can use high quality nitride steel, corrosion proof or antifriction with corresponding process according to the material.

4. Modes of pelletizing

Various modes of pelletizing, such as water-cooling strand, air-cooling pelletizing, water-ring pelletizing, under water pelletizing

5. Modes of feeding

Various modes of feeding, such as single feeding, twin screw. Hollow screw, forced-feeding, side feeding, liquid-adding system

6. Screw of plastic pellets granulating production line

The screw elements and kneading blocks are designed accurately, by precise processed, agile combination, with interchangeability. which can fulfill efficient self-cleaning, transmission, compounding, press-forming, etc. The screw is made of high tool steel 38CrMoALA or

W6Mo5Cr4V2 by special hear-treatment, which is possessed with high corrosion-resistant and high wear-resistant functions


Plastic Cold Granulating (strand-cutting) Production Line mainly aiming at the features of polyolefin-high MFR and great viscosity, such as materials of PP,PS,ABS,PC, the specially designed screw is applicable for granulating, dyeing, reproduction of various materials, and the output is double of the ordinary models. rotobeater cropping machine is characterized by stable rotation, even, energy-saving, electricity-saving, as well aw safe operation.


Parameter \ ModelSJ-65SJ-90SJ-120
Screw speed10-8010-7010-70
Length Dia. Ratio25:1;30:125:1;30:125:1;30:1
Granule specification mm3×33×33×3
Maximum output (kg/h)80150220
Weight of the machine (kg)285035004200
Traction modeRubber-covered rollRubber-covered rollRubber-covered roll

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