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Composition and application:

PVC bead production line by the conical twin-screw extruder, a second Angle head protector, mould, vacuum system platform, the double location tractors, two die cutting Machinery, double location flip platform, punching machine, punching machine and punching die and auxiliary equipment, high speed mixer, plastic crusher, etc.). Replace the line mold to produce PVC construction article bead, bead wire, corner line that Yang Angle, corner bead shade horn line, exterior wall thermal insulation system, plastic buckle slot, and other products, replace the pipe mold, sink, tractor rubber block can produce PVC threading pipe, casing electrician multi-usage.

1.With double screw extruder, can be directly use PVC powder extrusion.
2.One module and two sovereigns, or, can be produced at the same time two or four article kok
3.Electromagnetic heating, save electricity, saving energy
4. Equipment automation degree is high, easy to operate
5. Finalize the design speed, high efficiency and energy saving, high yield
6. Online automatic punching, one-time completed, reduce working procedure, reduce labor costs.


My company production of concave line and Yang Angle line, solve the existing in the construction of external Angle is not straight, the rough, not beautiful, the corner is easy to damage, etc. The quality common failing. Not only ensure the engineering quality, and speed up the construction speed; Reduced the engineering cost, maintain long-term beautiful corner without being damaged.

Technical parameter:

TypeProfile extruder
Applicationangle bead
Output capacity100kg/h
Motor power22kw

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