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PVC soft and hard co-extrusion production line is mainly used in the production of various kinds of wiper blade, soft and hard co-extrusion strip, soft hard trough, soft hard weather bar, folding sign board, double function tags, co-extrusion line, etc.

PVC hard and soft double-color coextrusion, hard part as a skeleton, soft part as sealing function, PVC material has good anti-aging, uv resistance, hardness, etc.


1、 Production line is suitable for PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, EVA, PET, PC, POM, PMMA etc. Two kinds of different materials or different color in same material extrusion molding extrusion processing;

2、 Can give full play to all kinds of plastic solid sex characteristic, make it play a leading role in the composites;

3、  Can be together forming the overall technology, a variety of materials without glue or tape, therefore, high efficiency, low cost;

4、 Will be hard material and soft material compound, integrating strength and elastic;

5、 Screw feed tube material: high strength alloy steel nitride (38 crmoala) or high strength quenched alloy steel(9Cr18MoV)

6、 Host drive into the inverter or imported servo motor.

7、 Significant imported dual PID digital temperature control table.

8、Cylinder 4 district heating and forced air cooling, according to the need can take copper heat sink cooling effect;

9、C type flange head, ensure the downstream equipment and extruder fast connection.

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