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PVC Composite Co-extrusion Skirting Production Line is mainly used for PVC trough edge banding, PVC skirting, PVC small section production line that play a base, etc. Can according to different section and moulds, choose different specifications of the conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum calibrating bench and configure corresponding, tractor, cutting Machinery, double loading platform auxiliary equipment, etc. Extrusion amount can reach 60 kg/h - 150 kg/h.

1.Barrel adopt aluminum cast heat coil heating and cooling, air cooling system heat transfer quickly and evenly.

2. According to different formula can choose different screw, in order to achieve the best plasticizing effect.
3.Reduction box, distribution box adopts wazhou bearings, imported oil seal, gears adopt high quality alloy steel, nitriding treatment.
4.Reduction box, distribution box, special design, strengthening the thrust bearing, large transmission torque, long service life.
5. Vacuum sizing machine adopts special increase vortex flow cooling system, and is convenient for cooling to finalize the design, the level of the special tilt control unique three adjusting control, simple operation to better reflect.

6.Tractor adopts unique fluctuation technology, tracked back pressure control, work smoothly, reliability, traction, but automatic fixed-length cutting, and configure the dust recycling device.
7. Host auxiliary electrical equipment all adopt the imported components, ensure the machine PVC pinch plate production line

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