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Product introduction: 

PVC windowsill board production line, production stability is strong, high output, long life, the main electric parts adopt imported components and width of the equipment production of the products is: 180-900 mm, thickness: 20-40 mm, surface level off is smooth coated after beautiful generous, is a kind of ideal decoration materials。

Production process:

mixed material- twin-screw extrusion-mould-vacuum finalize the design-cooling- revise-cutting- discharge-cover the film

Feature and application:
1. Host adopt imported frequency converter speed control, imported temperature controller, temperature control, temperature control accuracy of + / - 1 ℃ .
2.Barrel adopt aluminum cast heat coil heating and cooling, air cooling system heat transfer quickly and evenly.
3.According to different formula can choose different screw, in order to achieve the best plasticizing effect.
4. The surface of the screw, material cylinder adopts double metal material processing, to achieve the purpose of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, extend the service life of the extruder.
5.Equipped with large forced cooling devices to ensure that the plate forming results.
6.Crawler tractors imported frequency converter, the traction and traction and stability.
7.Cutting machine adopts horizontal guide rail cut method, ensure the accuracy of the plate cutting and vertical degree.

Technical parameter:

Max board width(mm)180240300600900
Haul height(mm)150150150150150
Traction (KN)2223040
Hauling speed (m/s)0-50-50-50-30-2.5
Auxiliary enginepower (kw)3535303040
Cooling water capacity(m3/h)666912
Air pressure(Mpa)

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