Product Details

Product introduction :

PVC foam board is also known as snow plate and andy board, Its chemical composition is PVC.

Product specification :1220*2440mm,1560*3050,2050*3050mm

Thickness of the product : 1-25mm

Product density: 0.4-0.8


1.Waterproof, flame retardant, resistance to acid and alkali, moth-proofing, qualitative light, heat preservation, sound insulation, shock absorption properties

2. And the same processing timber, and processing performance is much better than wood

3.It Is a ideal substitute for wood, aluminum, composite plate

4.Knot pedal very smooth surface, high hardness, not easy scratches, is often used to make ambry, furniture, etc


Are widely used in the bus, train car, ceiling, box core layer, inner packaging board, building outer wall plate, decorative plate inside cubicle, office, residential and public buildings, commercial decorative frame, clean room with board, ceiling board, screen printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, sign boards, with board photo board and other industries and chemical anti-corrosion engineering, thermoformed piece, cold storage with plate, special cold insulation engineering, environmental protection with plate mold, sports equipment, breeding material, seashore damp-proof installation, waterproof material, graphic materials, various light partitions instead of glass ceiling, etc.

Manufacturing process:

1.PVC crust foamed plate surface hardness is very high, it is difficult to have Nick, is widely used in ambry, decorate, building, etc

2.PVC free foam board surface hardness, widely used in advertising hoardings, framed drawing board, screen printing, engraving, etc

Product features and processing performance :

●PVC foam sheet, with sound insulation, sound-absorbing, heat insulation, thermal insulation performance, etc.

●PVC foam board with flame retardant, fire can self-extinguishing security, safe to use

●Series products are PVC foaming plates in the moistureproof, mouldproof, not bibulous performance, and the earthquake effect is good.

●PVC foam board after weather resistance formula made from various series products, the color can be constant for a long time, not easy ageing.

●PVC foam board texture light, storage and transportation, construction is convenient.

●PVC foam board using the general wood processing tool construction.

●PVC foam board can be like a wood nail, planing, drilling, sawing, etc.

●PVC foam board can be used in hot forming, heat bending and folding process.

●PVC foam board according to the general welding procedure, can also be bonding with other PVC materials.

●PVC foam board surface is smooth, also printing.

Technical parameter :

ModelSkinning foaming plateHalf-skinning foaming plate
Production width700-1220mm1220-1600mm
Production thickness5-25mm5-18mm
Extruder model130/2180/156
Main motor power132kw75kw


Test itemunittesting result
Performance densityg/cm30.5-0.8
Tensile strengthMpa12-20
Bending strengthMpa12-18
Modulus of elasticity in static bendingMpa800-900
Impact strengthKj/m28-15

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