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Product description:

XPS extrusion polystyrene foam board, also known as the extruded polystyrene board (XPS), has a perfect obturator honeycomb structure, its density, water absorption, coefficient of thermal conductivity and so on steam permeability coefficient is lower than other types of tabular heat preservation material, thus has good intensity, light material, airtight, anticorrosion, aging resistance, low price, etc, are widely used in heat preservation and heat insulation construction, highway, railway, airport, square of the anti-freezing heat preservation, home decoration and other fields, is currently the market recognized the best thermal insulation material. Used for steel structure workshop, sheet metal housing and colour wave tile, have heat preservation effect; To make heat plate freezer, cold insulation, waterproof;


Used for MATS under the highway subgrade, buffer control ground frost heave; Used in residential buildings, office buildings, factories, walls and roof waterproof thermal insulation; Used for bedding on the floor below, have the effect of heat insulation, moisture-proof, sound insulation; Used for central air conditioning ventilation pipes, heat insulation, heat preservation effect.

Part of the production line :

 The production line by the level of extrusion, foaming agent injection system, hydraulic system in network system, the secondary extrusion, extrusion and mould, finalize the design equipment, level of traction system, drive conveying cooling system, traction system, the longitudinal cutting system, transverse cutting system, storage system, machine electric control system and other auxiliary machinery.


XPS extruded insulation board production line, mainly for the production of XPS (polystyrene) foam sheet, is a kind of efficient plastic extrusion equipment, the production line a high degree of automation, production speed, the operation is convenient, the economic and technical index has reached the international advanced level. Products low capacity, high compressive strength, surface uniform appearance. Widely used in this production line, with all kinds of die head, can be directly processing different types of foam insulation plates, sheets and other plastic products.


XPS insulation board, is a mixture of polystyrene as the main raw material by the formula by the extruder into continuous uniform extrusion foaming agent close your empty plate type honeycomb structure, its uniform foam, bubble hole is exquisite, high compression strength, size stability and compressive strength of excellence (150-700 - kpa) moisture, not bibulous, convenience of construction, can be widely used in roofing and wall heat preservation and heat insulation, civil engineering and construction for highway, refrigerator floor, wall and composite sandwich insulation board, etc. New type of building thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, cold insulation materials, because it has excellent thermal insulating properties, can completely replace the traditional EPS foam plastic, PU polyurethane foam plastic, perlite, etc., has a broad market prospect.

Technical parameter:

Extruding systemunitFirst machineSecond machine
Screw DiametermmФ120Ф150
Heating section912
Heating powerKW4580
Drive motor powerKW9060
Product thicknessmm20、25、30、40、50、60
Product widthmm600、900
Product lengthmm1200、1250、2450、2500
water consumptionm 3 /h10
Compressed airm 3 /h0.1
Volume of produvtkg/m 335-55
Production capacity(about )kg/h280
Boundary dimension (about)m40×6.2×3.8
Machine weight (about)T16

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