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Plastic Water-proof coiled sheet uses high quality PVC,PE,SBS as main material, added with a certain amount of the auxiliary additives such as filling agent, stabilizer, plasticizer, ultraviolet absorbent, etc, under the processes of mixing, extruding, cooling, bundling, meter countering, packaging, etc.

The production line is of compact structure, easy to operate, when change some parts, it can produce single-layer or multi-layer sheet according to the customer’s requirement; when added with unreeling device, it can produce internal reinforcing product or non-woven fabrics, and PVC decoration film, etc.

Production line consists: SJZ80/156 conical twin screw extruder, SJZ92/188 conical twin screw extruder, mould, six-roller calender, roller temperature controlling system, up-down unreeling device, edge cutting device/cooling bracket, crusher in line, haul-off, transverse cutting device, double working position tilter, winder, mixer/feeding system, electric control system.


PVC, PP, PE single layer, multi-layers composite floor sheet, widely used in carriage, train , airport, hotel, public building, house decoration, etc.

PVC, PP, PE water proof sheet, widely used in tunnel drainage, foundation wet proof, roof leak proof project, etc.

Production scope: thickness 1-8mm, width: 6000mm(under)

Competitive Advantage:

Plastic sheet production line developed and made by our company, has the compact equipments structure and good performance, its screw and barrel, reasonably designed, has equably politicization, stable extrusion, high output, long lifespan and other merits. The exact calibration calendering equipment can make the sheets well calibrated by the good regulation function .It can be processed to be all kinds of packing products, which have good air lock without any other additives, pure sanitation, good toughness and extension, good recycling feature etc. That is widely used in electrical equipments, toy, food, and medicine packing and in the field of printing.


Screw diameter90100120
Product width100010001000
Product thickness1.5—51.5—51.5—5
Production line speed0—100—100—10
Capacity (per day)345
Weight (Approx)6

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