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We are a professional manufacturer that commits to producing various plastic machinery equipments.

Our main productions are obtained:

The drip Irrigation line is used to produce single wing labyrinth water conveying pipe. The irrigation pipe widely in agricultural

1. The production line adopts high efficiency extruder, swift net changer and screw
plastic blowing head.
2. Specially designed vacuum composite forming die to ensure the accuracy and composite density.
3. Unique measurement device and scale huff to ensure the precise of products.
4. Extruder and haul off adopt AC frequency conversion technology.
5. Temperature is adjusted by temperature control meter to realize PID control.
6. The production is controlled by PLC and equipped with human-computer interface,
all the technical parameters can be set on the touch screen.

Product Description:
This unit is my center universal somewhat low (does not surpass 30 meters/minutes generally) in view of the present market in column drop drip irrigation tube unit output, development good quality  and  high and output production line. And after starting test this unit to be possible to amount to 60 meters/minutes. The output is present unit´s 2 times.

Main technical parameters :

Main motor18.5kw37kw
production speed18-30m/min20-60m/min
Dripper Maximum screening convey speed150/min200/min
Dripper inserting speed80 / min180/min
Dripper spacing100mm-1000mm(It can be adjustable)100mm-1000mm(It can be adjustable)
Tractor speed1-30m/min1-60m/min
Drilling speed80/min180/min
Production line length15m15m
Production line width3m3m
Vacuum pressure-0.001*-0.002kpa-0.001*-0.002kpa
Air pressure0.5-0.75mpa0.5-0.75mpa
Cooling water pressure0.2-0.3mpa0.2-0.3mpa
Center height1m1m
Rated power37kw55kw
Appearance size15000mm×1500mm×2000mm19000mm×1500mm×2000mm
Production diameter6,12,166,12,16
wall thickness0.3-0.7,0.5-0.9,0.5-0.90.3-0.7,0.5-0.9,0.5-

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