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Qingdao Changjie Machinery Company produces the MPP power cable protection sleeve is a high-performance modified new model pipeline made by special material, it is according with development requirements of modern city, it’s suitable to bury deeply the range of 2—18M, it’s used for the trenchless cable-laying technology boasts the characteristics of no environmental-pollution, no influence traffic, minor stratum frame destruction, construction on the safe side, short period, don’t need to transport and pile up mixed soil, low cost, the high benefit of society and economy and other characteristics. It has a widely application field.          

Modified MPP power cable protection sleeve pipe which is opened out our company , is only being able to adopt non-dig technology to go along construction’s pipe, it assures reliability of network and reduces trouble rate of network, at the same time it makes the environment of market improve greatly.

High tensile strength and bending strength, high rigidity and tenacity, excellent temperature and strong resist-rot, light weight, convenient construction and connection.


MPP range of application:

1. Can be widely used in municipal, telecommunications, electricity, gas, water, heating power pipeline engineering, etc

2. Urban and rural trenchless horizontal directional drilling power line project, power line and open excavation engineering.

3. Urban and rural trenchless horizontal directional drilling water drainage pipe engineering. Industrial waste water discharge project

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