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POM.PP.PMMA.PTFE rods and bars Material extrusion unit works theory :

It is consisted of single screw extruder ,die head and moulds .,cooling tank .tractor .cutter ,stacker .

Has a stable performance, Observation is convenient smaller noise .cheaper etc .

Application range is windly :use for PVC bar .POM PMMA bar ,.PTFE bar ROM Transparent pipe PC PS etc . opacity hard pipe and plastic rod product ,this machine also can fit for Senior transparent organic glass tube

Applications of pmma/acrylic pipes:

PMMA/ acrylic pipes/ tubes are excellent for use in POP Displays and other decorative uses. They are normally supplied in a polyethylene sleeve to protect during handling. PMMA/ acrylic pipes/ tubes is 17 times stronger and half the weight of glass.
And also PMMA/ acrylic pipes/ tubes can be used in a number of applications such as displays, aquarium tanks, arts & crafts, and much much more. Plexiglass (acrylic) is easy to work with.

ModelXQ SJ-30XQ SJ-45XQ SJ-65XQ SJ-90
Transmission power (kw)2.27.5~1515~4530~110
Screw diameter(mm)30456590
Screw L/D Ratio2525~3025~3025~33
Screw rotation speed r/min50739090
Extrusion capacity kg/h8~1215~3045~12080~200

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