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Advantage :

1.Hard outer layer, has good shock resistance, protecting effect to the middle tier

2.The viscoelastic property of soft interlayers with special inorganic materials,Has excellent sound insulation Sound-absorbing and buffer vibration function。To reduce the frequency of 2000-2000 - hz noise have a significant effect

3.Smooth inner layer has excellent heat resistance and resistance to chemical corrosion

Super mute tube is a kind of inner and outer layer with can be repeatedly recycled use of modified PP as the main raw material Middle layer adopts special viscoelastic materials Three extruder composite extrusion produce this pipe ,. This kind of pipe has good shock resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance

Especially the unique intermediary material Has excellent sound insulation sound absorption Buffer vibration function To reduce the frequency2000-4000Hznoise have good effect ,have light weight . Convenient installation So far one of the most ideal building drainage pipes

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