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Advantage :

Qingdao changjie machinery co., LTD., the Austrian Cincinnati technology, design and manufacture of advanced production lines,

Pp-r, PE - RT, PB series plastic pipe production line is mainly used in the production of agricultural water supply, building water supply, centralized heating system, solar hot water system, etc. The unit by the main extruder, high pressure head body, vacuum calibrating bench, the tractor, a chipless cutting machine, double location coiling machine, etc. Single screw extruder and tractor adopt import frequency conversion,   Speed regulating device, vacuum pump and drawing motor adopts high-quality products,

Qingdao changjie machinery co., LTD design and manufacture of similar production line to replace part of the mold can produce PP, PE, ABS, PPR, PE - RT, PB \ silicon core pipe and other pipe materials. 

Adopts Austrian Cincinnati technology of pipe head extrusion process, good plasticizing effect and extrusion speed, pipe surface finish high, products production speed is fast! With convenient operation, reliable performance etc, and reached the international leading level.

Brief Introduction:

This production line has production capacity of churning out φ16mm-φ110mm PB pipe continuously with assembling the special high-speed single screw extruder,which is distinguishingly designes with co-extrusion die head,the production stress,anti-corrosion,antibiosis,shock resistance,aging resistant,no leakage,light weight,econominc investment,convenient application and so on.This facility can also be used to produce the HDPE silicone core pipe,PB pipe,PE pipe,PEX pipe,ect.

Theecnomic and technical norms of the finiahed products are all reached the interbational standards after been detected by Nation chemical construction test center,which are the first choices to replace the traditional galvanized pipe and applicable to so many fields,such as conveying the hot and cold water,central-heating.and floor heating.

Application of :

1.Build hot and cold water system, including central heating system.

2.Build heating system, including floor,wall and radiant heating system.

3.Central air condition system.

4. Adopts co-extrusion die head plus assistant marking line for PB pipe.

Technical Parameters:

ModelScrew diameter (mm)L/DProduction line speedMain motor Power(kw)Total power (kw)Line length (m)
PB -32(popular)50mm33:19m/min225022
PB -32(popular)65mm33:115m/min456024

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