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PE pipe production line is mainly used in the production of water supply and drainage pipes , which used for agriculture and construction , cable coating and other fields , the complete line is consisted of extruder , vacuum calibrator , hauling machine ,cutter and tipping rack , hauling machine unit has come ways of hauling , such as caterpillar type, three-claw type , four-claw type , six-claw type and so on . there are also knife-lifting cutter and planetary cutter

This line can also be equipped with length-measuring and thickness increasing instruments . This line is characterized of reliable performance and high production efficiency . anti-noise spiral pipe and foam core pipe production lines are also available according to customers requirement.

Diameter range(mm)16-6316-11032-16063-250160-400315-630450-800
Haul off caterpillar2223468
Drawing force(kw)681120304050
Drawing speed(m/min)151298422
Down stream power(kw)14141421.5415664

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