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The product range of injection pipe fittings is 200-1200mm; the equipment is co-extruded by two or four extruders respectively. The injection volume is large, the molding is fast, the equipment is easy to operate, and the investment is low.Our company is now launching three models of 90, 120 and 150. The range of pipe extrusion is 200-600mm; 20300-800mm; 300-1200MM.

The special extruder is designed and developed for the orientation of the injection socket equipment; through the unique design of the barrel screw, the reduction box and the transmission mechanism, the rapid extrusion function is realized. Due to the optimized screw and new slotted sleeve design, the injection machine has the following advantages, high plasticization rate, uniform melt, continuous and stable production. High-performance gearbox reducer with large torque, long life and low noise. The drive motor is an AC variable frequency motor.

Adopt PLC automatic control system, can realize two modes of manual and automatic operation, easy to operate, high mouth rate.

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