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● Adopt high-efficiency extruding and plasticizing extruder, alloy screw and screw barrel, which not only ensure high-speed extrusion but also ensure the service life of the extruder;

● The specially designed adjustable compound co-extrusion head can quickly ensure that the three layers of plastic are evenly compounded, and the thickness of each layer can be adjusted online arbitrarily without adjusting the speed of the extruder;

●The vacuum water film type sizing sleeve adopts the water film type vacuum sizing sleeve (Cincinnati technology) to achieve rapid and effective cooling and sizing of plastic pipes, ensuring high-speed and stable production of pipes;

●Equipped with high-performance chipless cutting machine with independent intellectual property rights, which not only ensures the flat section, but also ensures the roundness of the pipe port;

●Equipped with high-speed multi-group roller tensioning flat belt traction machine, which not only guarantees high-speed stable traction, but also completely overturns the vibration and slipping phenomenon of ordinary traction machines;

●Equipped with high-performance high-speed without independent intellectual property rights The chip cutting machine not only guarantees the flat section, but also ensures the high-speed cutting of the pipe;

●Compared with ordinary PP-R pipes, the products produced have high compressive strength, low temperature deformation, and minimal longitudinal shrinkage rate. Solved the defect of PP-R conveying hot water deformation.

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